We’ve also gone against the grain in the industry and invested in technology to help make life easier for caterers. For example, we launched an easy-to-use online ordering app that works across different platforms. We recognise that chefs likely don’t have computers in the kitchen, so the app allows them to add items to their basket throughout the day and place the order at the click of a button and at a time that suits them.

We also made sure that the app is integrated with Erudus, a service that allows users to view ingredients and nutritional and allergen data in the palm of their hand. With consumers increasingly becoming aware of what food they eat, and their expectation of having the information immediately, we help you to build long-term relationships with your customers.

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Exclusive to all our customers. Order online and receive free allergen and nutritional information.


Easy and flexible ordering from your phone or tablet from the google play store.


Easy and flexible ordering from your phone or tablet from the Apple App Store.


The Erudus system is an essential tool for the modern caterer with over 2,700 food manufacturers sharing their product specification data in an easy to use  format on your mobile, tablet or PC.  It puts legally required allergen information directly in to the hands of those who need it. Using King Brothers as your partner gains you free access  to this invaluable tool.

A uniformed data set covering over 200 individual product attributes from barcode and allergens to microbiological standards and nutrition – everything you need to know about a product.

We’re providing Wholesalers and Caterers with detailed technical data that puts legally required allergen information directly into the hands of those who need it. Erudus solutions enable this data to flow through the food industry.

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